What I love About Living In Brisbane

Brisbane is a fun-filled city. Living here is an endless adventure throughout the year. In many cities, it’s impossible to find things that appeal to the local residents. For many cities, the focus is on putting up facilities that tourists find attractive while neglecting the locals.

Fortunately, this is not the situation with Brisbane. The city has much to offer to tourists and locals in equal measure. Living here is a pleasurable experience for many reasons. For example, it hosts top festivals regularly.

The city is also home to some of the top expos in Australia, offering unending opportunities to discover new things every day. It also does not disappoint in terms of entertainment.

On the other hand, living in this city is not all about having fun at the numerous facilities renowned for providing excellent entertainment. The city has much more to offer in addition to the fun. Some of the best reasons for living here include the following:


  • Excellent Weather


Brisbane has excellent weather throughout the year. The temperatures are warm enough thus making it enjoyable to either live in or visit. There is never a reason for worrying about the cold temperatures, since they are non-existent. Sunny weather is the norm.


  • Natural Scenery


Local nature and scenery is incredibly beautiful in Brisbane, just as it is the case with other locations in Australia. The luxurious sandy beach is only a few minutes away. The places worth visiting to enjoy natural scenery are Lone Koala Sanctuary and South Bank Parklands.


  • Infrastructure


Since the growth spurt that made Brisbane what it is today took place post-1988, the engineers, planners and architects had all the time to learn from the mistakes of other cities where infrastructure is concerned. The well-developed infrastructure makes living here worthwhile.

The growing number of residents in the city has not interfered with mobility and movement from one part of Brisbane to the next. Transport across the city and to other parts of the country is available through taxies, ferries and buses. The city is 45-minutes away from Gold Coast by car.


  • Spellbinding Atmosphere


The outdoor lifestyle at Brisbane is relaxing. A taste of such an atmosphere makes it impossible to leave or abandon the city and move elsewhere. The atmosphere makes the city a welcome addiction that proves impossible to let go off or relocate to a different part of Australia.

The large presence of immigrants among the locals has helped to create a friendlier populace. The city has a great atmosphere for relaxation or leading excellent lives. The friendly population makes it hard to leave the city for any other place.


  • Limitless Education Opportunities


The city is home to some of the best education facilities in the country. Great schools are in abundance here. Tuition is affordable. It’s for this reason that Brisbane is one of the best cities in the country in which to raise children, since they’re guaranteed excellent education.

Students attend the local schools and colleges here from all over the world. The presence of teens from all over the world has enhanced the cheerful atmosphere and happy disposition for which the city is renowned. It’s no wonder that the city is ranked one of the hippest in the country.


  • Great Job Opportunities


The city is not only one of the fastest growing, but also the most prosperous in Australia. This has made it possible for the establishment of more businesses. The result of this is that the employment opportunities are limitless.

In fact, the city has an unemployment rate of around 4.9 percent, thus making it better than Sydney and Melbourne. Investors find the city attractive, thus creating limitless opportunities for employment. It’s difficult to go without work in this city.


  • Low Cost of Living


The city has a low cost of living. This makes it much easier to afford the many opportunities that the city has to offer. Entertainment is not a costly proposition like it is in other parts of the country. It is no surprise that the city is attractive to expats from New Zealand, the UK and US.

The economy of the city has not stopped flourishing. The outlook regarding future growth is good thus eliminating the worries regarding the change in situation any time soon. Opportunities for employment will continue growing and emerging for many years to come within the city.


  • Fascinating Entertainment Opportunities


Brisbane is not short of the best entertainment to provide. It has different entertainment opportunities based on the tastes and preferences of local residents as well as tourists. Clubs, shows, restaurants, festivals, concerts and galleries are worth visiting for entertainment.


  • Beautiful Architecture in the Inner City


With a rich collection of new buildings and old Queenslanders, the city has an amazing inner city that remains attractive for the incredible beauty. The city has a rich mix of renovated and restored buildings. Some of the best suburbs are Fortitude Valley and Newstead among others.


  • Undulating Streets


The streets of Brisbane run down, up, uphill, under, down-dale and all over the place but in an organized manner. The undulating nature of the streets is a great feature considering the help they provide in enjoying the amazing views that Brisbane has to offer.


  • Brisbane River


Walking along the riverbank of Brisbane River on a sunny day is one of the most pleasure-filled experiences ever. A walk along the riverbank does not require wearing jumpers. Neon-clad runners enhance the view in the company of their dogs of all shapes and sizes.

  • Boutique Shopping and Café Culture


Brisbane is known for a thriving café culture. The city is home to multiple cafes. In addition, to the cafes, the city has a fair number of boutiques to satisfy the urge for shopping for new clothes. The cafes cater for the needs of the coffee connoisseur.

For the above reasons and more, it’s clear that Brisbane is a truly captivating city. After all, the city was recently ranked among the top 20 livable cities in the world. It is difficult to abandon the city for whatever reason.