The Top Apartment Living Suburbs In Brisbane

Brisbane is not only the capital city, but also the most populous in Queensland. In addition to this, the city is the third most populous in Australia. A population of around 2.3 million is found in the city’s metropolitan area. On the other hand, a population of over 3.4 million is found at the urban conurbation of South East Queensland. The city has a thriving property market, which includes some top apartment found in the suburbs.

The city is one of the oldest in Australia, but this does not make its apartments and suburbs any less livable. The architecture is distinctly Queenslander in every way. It is hard to find something to hate or distasteful about Brisbane. However, the city contains some suburbs that are popular for a variety of reasons. The suburbs are the best places to live in not only because they are full of good vibes, but also shine much brighter.

Some of the top suburbs in the city include:


Paddington features leafy hills, which have made the suburb popular with residents of Brisbane over the years. It is an inner suburb within the city. The steep ridges as well as the hills around the suburb make it attractive to residents. The suburb has a rich collection of original as well as distinctive Queenslander homes. Recently, the suburb has become a highly desirable location for buying residential property. The median price of a house has risen to around $1 million.

The suburb has a rich collection of:

  • Boutique shops
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants

Architectural masterpieces are all over this suburb. The optimal use of tiny spaces in the suburb has helped make it great for heritage apartments. However, people with a deep longing for modern and contemporary apartments will find plenty of these in the suburb. Moreover, the suburb is only 5km away from the Central Business District of Brisbane, but you would not know this with the heavy presence of greenery in the area.

New Farm and Teneriffe

The suburb is one of the most livable in Brisbane for a variety of reasons. First, it encourages an outdoor lifestyle. The trees-lined streets in addition to the unique spaces that include Brisbane Powerhouse are some of the features that encourage an outdoor lifestyle in this suburb. The New Farm Park is the heart of the suburb that attracts numerous visitors from Brisbane and outside the city.

On the other hand, Teneriffe is full of the following:

  • Apartments
  • Trendy restaurants
  • Stylish cafes
  • Hip boutiques

The suburbs provide the riverside oases that you need when in search of an inventive urban living experiences. Art galleries are all over the place, thus making the suburb great for working on your creative juices. The high capacity apartments and houses in the suburbs do not mean that you will struggle to breathe. Take some time off to go on a picnic with loved ones or friends for a chance to catch your breath.

West End

The quirky and local characteristics that define West End as a rich collection of different cultures is what has made this suburb one of the most in-demand in Brisbane. The suburb is right for you in case your choices include places with hippy vibes. Not only is the suburb laid back, but the overabundance of neighborly love might just mean that you end up living here permanently and not relocating.

The suburb is great for somebody who desires to feel not only earthy, but also enjoy all that the inner city has to provide. If you live in any of the apartments here, a trip to the local West End markets will provide everything that you need from fruits, veggies, live entertainment to clothing and trinkets. Visit the Boundary Street Markets between Friday-Sunday if you are a lover of the local food, produce, craft and art.


The suburb has an eclectic charm. The suburb comprises Samford Valley and Samford Village. Formerly, the suburb was in a region that the local indigenous people called Kupidabin, which is an Aboriginal word that means place of possums. The suburb is accessible from Brisbane via the Samford State Forest. From Ferny Grove, the suburb is a mere 10-minute drive away. The suburb has a mix of the following:

  • Historical buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Equipment hire businesses
  • Hardware stores
  • Produce stores
  • Banking institutions
  • Medical institutions, chiropractic centers, fitness centers

The suburb has facilities for different sporting events that include football, swimming, cricket, tennis, horse riding, soccer, netball and lawn bowls. Samford Valley Steiner School and Samford State School are the two primary schools where your children can receive their education. The sub-tropical climate that consists of mild, dry and sunny winters as well as hot and humid summers makes the suburb a truly livable place in Brisbane.


The factor that makes Sunnybank one of the best livable suburbs in Brisbane is the cheap rent. Here, you will find great apartments at affordable rates. The abundant food is another reason that should convince you to live here. At Market Square, you will find all the Asian cuisine that you require at affordable rates. The Market Square provides a window into a wonderful cultural experience that you can ever hope to find in Brisbane.

Sunnybank is the suburb of choice if you value a place where food is in great supply. However, other suburbs that are worth considering for a truly memorable livable experience in Brisbane include the following:

  • Hamilton
  • Northgate
  • Coorparoo
  • Cannon Hill
  • Red Hill
  • Ashgrove
  • Morning Side
  • Bulimba
  • Holland Park
  • Chandler
  • Tennyson
  • Manly West
  • Nundah

The suburbs are not only trendy, but also possess everything that you need for a wonderful living experience. Moreover, the apartments are in great demand in these suburbs. For this reason, do not be shocked to find the apartments selling for more than their asking price. According to Real Estate Institute of Queensland or REIQ, sale of residential property in Brisbane is the highest it has ever been.