The Best Suburbs To Buy A House In Brisbane

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Brisbane is a wonderful city full of amazing suburbs that are perfect for any person who desires to purchase his first home. Some of the suburbs are within a 15km radius from the Central Business District. The median price for a house in the city is $450,000.

The city has several semi-industrial suburbs that you can focus on when looking for residential houses to buy. However, some of the best deals and rates are available in the seemingly poorer regions of Brisbane such as Murarrie, which is on the east of the city.

Apartments that are located in inner Brisbane are the most sought after. Consequently, the next few years should witness record construction of more apartments. The demand will not abet as long as the houses are priced well and the rental yields remain attractive.

In many suburbs around the city, you will find relatively affordable homes in addition to top property that give you a much higher chance of seeing the capital growing substantially. For this reason, which suburbs should you consider when thinking about buying a house in Brisbane?


The median price for a 3-bedroom house in Salisbury is $525,000. A couple of years ago, you would pay around $400,000 for the same house. Good news about Salisbury is that it is a mere 11km south of the Central Business District, thus easily accessible.

Salisbury is home to Salisbury Recreation Reserve, which is also known as Russ Hall Park. The reserve is part of the Toohey Forest Conversation Park. In addition to this, the reserve is a multi-function space for sporting and recreational activities.

Here, you will find a perfect blend of Queenslander homes, newer developments and the old, postwar-like buildings. Most of the homes that you find here are not only freestanding, but also on decently sized allotments. You must be fast since properties sell within 33 days of listing.


The suburb is where you will find the famed Brisbane Markets. Here, the median price for houses is $353,030. The affordable median price and other factors are responsible for convincing most Australians to live in such suburbs and running away from Sydney and Melbourne.

The affordable rates are partly because of the flood-prone nature of the suburb, which is because of the proximity of Rocklea to Brisbane River and Oxley Creek, which is one of the river’s major tributaries. The median house price often plummets drastically after the floods.

The gross house rental yield in Rocklea is the highest among all the suburbs where you will find affordable houses to buy in Brisbane. The house rental yield at Rocklea currently stands at around 5 percent.


The median price for houses in Keperra, which is located on the north-west side of Brisbane, is $439,015. This is great news for a suburb that is only 10kms away from the Central Business District.

The suburb is accessible through train station that operates on the Ferny Grove line. The suburb is home to the 27-hole golf course where championships are routinely held. The shopping center and numerous parks would validate your decision to buy a house and settle in this suburb.

The residential properties that are a feature of this suburb are a rich mix of public housing as well as postwar weatherboard together with some new and modern developments. Since 2012, the growth value of the houses has been solid. The median price has increased by around 8.14%


Tingalpa is located to the east of Brisbane about 11kms away from the Central Business District. Just as it is the case with Keperra, the properties that you can buy at Tingalpa are mostly postwar weatherboards featuring a much older style.

Chamferboard cottages in addition to newer estates are numerous around the suburb. The fact that the suburb lies within a radius of 8kms of Moreton Bay means that you can access it from various locations in Brisbane.

Tingalpa is renowned as the home of Carmichael Park and Kianawah Park. The former is has an excellent multi-sports field. The suburb has a state school where you can take your children to receive education.  A family-friendly hotel and supermarket are some of the facilities here.

The median price of residential houses in Tingalpa is $478,686. In a 12-month period, the suburb had one of the lowest growth rates where median house price is concerned – 3.37 percent. On the other hand, house prices have been increasing steadily in the suburb since 2011.


Nathan is near Salisbury, which is located to the east of Brisbane’s Central Business District. Griffith University’s foundation campus is located in this suburb. Toohey Forest Conservation Park is also located here. The main offices of Queensland Sports and Athletics Center are here.

The median house price in Nathan is $487,265. It is the furthest suburb away from the Central Business District in Brisbane compared to others that include Keperra, Salisbury, Tingalpa and Rocklea.

A big portion of the suburb is a part of the Toohey Forest Conversation Park, thus making it sparsely populated. It is not strange to find only 10 properties selling within the suburb in a 12-month period. In suburbs such as Tingalpa, more than 129 properties sell in the same period.

Brisbane has other suburbs where you can find affordable residential houses to buy. In some of these suburbs, the median price of houses is between $347,000 and $351,000. The other suburbs that you need to consider when looking for houses to buy in Brisbane include the following:

  • Holland Park West
  • Gordon Park
  • Kedron
  • Moorooka

One of the major concerns regarding the market for inner-city apartments is that it could falter in the coming years. Newly built apartments have increased in number within the Central Business District, West End and South Brisbane.

When choosing the location of the house to buy, consider suburbs that have good schools. Next, choose a house in a neighborhood with excellent transport. The accessibility of the suburb to the Central Business District is worth evaluating before settling on the house that pleases you.