With the higher amount of sunny days per year than any other Australian city, this capital of Queensland is known for its climate and for its high quality of life as well. Lately, Brisbane is experiencing staggering economic growth and investors are increasingly turning their attention towards this beautiful location. Brisbane is located in a strategically perfect position, since it is the closest Australian capital to Asia and this fact enabled it to become the leader in Asia Pacific region.
There are many other reasons which have lead to this enormous growth of this city and here are just some of them.

1383811497_news_40Australian stable political situation is a great factor in the overall development of this country, and this fact affects all states and every city within this federation, and Brisbane is no exception. Also, the state of Queensland is equally successful when it comes to economic growth, and its economy grows 4% per year, which is expected to rise up to 6% in 2015-16. Brisbane follows those trends and its own economy is currently estimated at $146 billion, which is expected to grow to amazing $217 billion in the next decade or so. Currently, this city is home to a population of 2,2 million, and this number is also on the constant rise, and demographic experts predict that by 2031 Brisbane will be a home to 3.18 million people.

Even though Brisbane is a place with so many people, unemployment is very low, and it currently stands at 4.9%, which is a very low number, comparing it with other Australian cities, like Sydney and Melbourne for example. Also, the structure of the population is very educated and relatively young, which means that Brisbane has a bright future ahead. Many universities and colleges are located in this city and they attract people from all over the world, not just Australia.

This made Brisbane a multicultural hub, where large groups of linguistically diverse people live and work together in close proximity with no problems at all. This progressive and open nature of this city is something unique and it attracts young people to this exciting melting pot.
Brisbane's skyline, as seen from Kangaroo Point

Other elements which make Brisbane so attractive are low costs of living and accommodation and spacious inner city, combined with amazing landscapes and beautiful scenery.

australia-brisbane-ride-a-city-catBeautiful nature is a strong element when it comes to tourism of any Australian city, and Brisbane is among the leading ones when it comes to these types of activities. Efficient public transport, which combines ferry rides, trains and buses, is in charge of moving those tourists around and delivering people to their homes and working destinations. Unique architecture of this place is also appealing to lots of people and they come here to see up close all of those landmarks and interesting sites which Brisbane has to offer. For instance, one of the latest additions the Brisbane’s profile was a 262 meter-high skyscraper called “Infinity” opened in 2014, which is located in the famous Central Business District (CBD), an area filled with tall office buildings and modern architecture.

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