Tourist attractions of Brisbane

World is a huge place. One can only hope to achieve a carefully laid out plan of tourist adventures since there are so many beautiful places to visit. If your goal is to visit each continent during your lifetime, maybe while visiting Australia, you may want to visit Brisbane. Brisbane is a third largest city in Australia and it lies on the river Brisbane. It’s popularity started rising after the Commonwealth games it hosted and world expo during the 1990’s. It’s architecture is a mix of historic buildings as well as modern ones. The climate is mild subtropical and the culture you will find will surely be sophisticated and relaxed. But enough introduction, let’s go onto the part why you’re reading this article.
So, which tourist attractions does this city hold?
First of all, one unique animal everybody hopes to see while visiting Australia – Koalas.
koala-5There is a lone pine Koala sanctuary in Brisbane. This is a largest Koala sanctuary in the world and you will surely be amazed after visiting this place if you are, of course, a fan of Koalas. Besides Koalas, a Brisbane river is a sanctuary to most of the native Australian animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world, such as Tasmanian Devils, some rare snakes, Kangaroos, Dingoes and more. A visit to this magnificent place can get you a photograph of you holding a snake or a baby crocodile, and everyone’s favorite – cuddling with a Koala.

The next thing you may want to visit is a cultural centre of Brisbane. Cultural centre lies on the banks of river Brisbane, and if you’re fascinated by different cultures, you will be able to experience Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Theater company and also Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Besides culture and animals, for plant lovers there is this amazing Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Garden. This place is located seven kilometers away from Brisbane and it’s one of the favorite places of tourists but even amongst the locals. This place has fifty-two hectares of horticulture to offer. Amidst these 52 hectares of horticulture you will be take through a lot of differently themed gardens. This place is housing a largest collection of rainforest trees ( Australian ), and besides these, there are also fragrant plants like bamboo, cactus, indigenous plants, wetland plants, bonsai and ferns.
The next thing Brisbane has to offer is a South Bank.
This is an original place where World Expo was held in 1988, it’s filled with plazas, parklands and promenades. There is also a human made lagoon which is a very popular choice for a swim during a warm Brisbane day. Besides all of that, in 2009, for a celebration of 150th anniversary, a giant Ferris wheel was opened. It allows an hour long ride with a magnificent view of the city. If you haven’t planned on visiting Brisbane, we hope we changed your mind with this little article. Have fun on your holiday.

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Experience Brisbane for free

Many will say that free things are always welcomed and Brisbane has lot of things to offer in its beautiful backyard. Besides New York City, Brisbane is one of the largest cities in the world that can offer large varieties of welcoming greets and you won’t have to spend not even one cent, while you are experience it. Greeters will help you discover Brisbane and what he has to offer, you will recognize them by their bright red outfits.
If you enjoy outdoor activity, then the Wynnum Wading Pool is the right place for you. It was built during the 1930s and it will provide you relaxation for you and for your family. This pool is filled with sea water when the high tide comes and its only thigh deep. You will have a unique experience to see whales and nearby playground will be perfect for your children.
nf-park.jpjIf you decide to go on a family picnic, you must visit New Farm Park, it will give you peaceful surroundings and necessary shade during the day. After lunch you can visit Brisbane Powerhouse, which will provide you live music and shows and on the weekends you can visit farmer’s market or just enjoy in the spectacular Brisbane sky full of stars.
For those who love nature and spending a time on clean and fresh air should head to Logan’s Daisy Hill Forest. Here you can have great time with your family and friends, enjoying in outdoor activity of just fire a barbecue, lay back and enjoy in good food. Make sure to visit on of the largest reservation of koala in the world. Koala Center will provide you unique experience to get in touch with this outstanding animals.

While you are in this area, you should visit Logan’s Berrinba Wetlands and enjoy in 8km of walking trail, that has five bridges and beautiful center. Or if you love kangaroo, another symbol of Australia, you should visit Mt Cotton Park, famous kangaroo spotting.

BRISBANE-300x168On the other hand, if you love good historical spots and the palaces that can tell you the story about past times, you can visit Moreton Bay Regions museums, you will find here first settlement status and the life of early explorers. The Abbey Museum of Art and Archeology possess a unique collection of antiquities from whole world and the Bribe Island Seaside Museum is showcasing the vibrant past of the characters, such as artist Ian Fairweather.
If you are adrenaline junkie, then the Scenic Rim is the right choice for you. Ride on the Spring Bluff Drive, where you will experience notoriously steep tracks of Main Range.

For those who want to spend relaxing day full of varieties, should go to the Ipswich’s Top of Town. This was once home to many carriage workers, boot markets, saddlers, jewelers and bakers. The fascinating fact is that many buildings preserved their original look. Now days you can find here eclectic mix of bars, retails, art spaces and antiques.

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