According to a research done by World Bank Group, Australia is the seventh-easiest country in the world to start a business, and this fact certainly has to mean something. If you are interested in starting a business in The Land Down Under, or specifically in Brisbane, your need to know how open this country is for new investments and how easy it is to actually start your business project here. Many large companies have branches and offices in this area, and Brisbane attracts more and more of them due to its excellent strategic position and several other notable features.

39243028Brisbane is a city located on the eastern coast of Australia, and it is the capital of the state of Queensland. Nicknames like “New World City” and “Sunshine City” are perhaps the best illustration of the nature of this place, since Brisbane is very exciting multicultural hub, with a beautiful weather trough most of the year. This linguistically diverse place is the third-largest city in Australia, after Melbourne and Sydney, and it is estimated that it currently has around 2.2 million people. However, strong rise in population numbers are expected to continue and Brisbane City Council predicts that population will reach 3.18 million by 2031. People in Brisbane are very friendly, open for communication and easy going, and this perhaps comes from the fact that this location has more sunny days than any other Australian city.

According to Monocle Magazine index, Brisbane was declared as the 25th most livable city in the world, and this is just one of many confirmations of the quality of life in this vibrant place. Brisbane was also the host of G20 Leaders Summit in 2014, which is another indication of the importance of this city. Its location, which allows quick access to Asia and Pacific, is a true blessing, since connections between Australia and Asia Pacific region are constantly growing and ports and airports in Brisbane are taking the full advantage of this opportunity.

Several other factors are important when starting a business in Brisbane, and they are mostly concerned with low cost of living and stable political situation. Accommodation is very affordable in Brisbane, even in the spacious inner city, and this means that office space can be rented very easily and for reasonable prices as well.

Also, stable political situation allows the authorities to invest in long-term projects and infrastructure, and this makes Brisbane very attractive to investors. Strong economy and constant growth are also important in this equation, with the fact that unemployment is very low in this area, and it is somewhere around 4.9% according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Brisbane is a very progressive city, which is accompanied with a lot of unique scenery and interesting architecture to make for a thriving and exciting location where people enjoy and live their lives peacefully and in a pleasant environment. Aside from natural wonders and beautiful parks, Brisbane is very attractive for business people and they can start their projects very easily in this place.

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