The Best Suburbs To Buy A House In Brisbane

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Brisbane is a wonderful city full of amazing suburbs that are perfect for any person who desires to purchase his first home. Some of the suburbs are within a 15km radius from the Central Business District. The median price for a house in the city is $450,000.

The city has several semi-industrial suburbs that you can focus on when looking for residential houses to buy. However, some of the best deals and rates are available in the seemingly poorer regions of Brisbane such as Murarrie, which is on the east of the city.

Apartments that are located in inner Brisbane are the most sought after. Consequently, the next few years should witness record construction of more apartments. The demand will not abet as long as the houses are priced well and the rental yields remain attractive.

In many suburbs around the city, you will find relatively affordable homes in addition to top property that give you a much higher chance of seeing the capital growing substantially. For this reason, which suburbs should you consider when thinking about buying a house in Brisbane?


The median price for a 3-bedroom house in Salisbury is $525,000. A couple of years ago, you would pay around $400,000 for the same house. Good news about Salisbury is that it is a mere 11km south of the Central Business District, thus easily accessible.

Salisbury is home to Salisbury Recreation Reserve, which is also known as Russ Hall Park. The reserve is part of the Toohey Forest Conversation Park. In addition to this, the reserve is a multi-function space for sporting and recreational activities.

Here, you will find a perfect blend of Queenslander homes, newer developments and the old, postwar-like buildings. Most of the homes that you find here are not only freestanding, but also on decently sized allotments. You must be fast since properties sell within 33 days of listing.


The suburb is where you will find the famed Brisbane Markets. Here, the median price for houses is $353,030. The affordable median price and other factors are responsible for convincing most Australians to live in such suburbs and running away from Sydney and Melbourne.

The affordable rates are partly because of the flood-prone nature of the suburb, which is because of the proximity of Rocklea to Brisbane River and Oxley Creek, which is one of the river’s major tributaries. The median house price often plummets drastically after the floods.

The gross house rental yield in Rocklea is the highest among all the suburbs where you will find affordable houses to buy in Brisbane. The house rental yield at Rocklea currently stands at around 5 percent.


The median price for houses in Keperra, which is located on the north-west side of Brisbane, is $439,015. This is great news for a suburb that is only 10kms away from the Central Business District.

The suburb is accessible through train station that operates on the Ferny Grove line. The suburb is home to the 27-hole golf course where championships are routinely held. The shopping center and numerous parks would validate your decision to buy a house and settle in this suburb.

The residential properties that are a feature of this suburb are a rich mix of public housing as well as postwar weatherboard together with some new and modern developments. Since 2012, the growth value of the houses has been solid. The median price has increased by around 8.14%


Tingalpa is located to the east of Brisbane about 11kms away from the Central Business District. Just as it is the case with Keperra, the properties that you can buy at Tingalpa are mostly postwar weatherboards featuring a much older style.

Chamferboard cottages in addition to newer estates are numerous around the suburb. The fact that the suburb lies within a radius of 8kms of Moreton Bay means that you can access it from various locations in Brisbane.

Tingalpa is renowned as the home of Carmichael Park and Kianawah Park. The former is has an excellent multi-sports field. The suburb has a state school where you can take your children to receive education.  A family-friendly hotel and supermarket are some of the facilities here.

The median price of residential houses in Tingalpa is $478,686. In a 12-month period, the suburb had one of the lowest growth rates where median house price is concerned – 3.37 percent. On the other hand, house prices have been increasing steadily in the suburb since 2011.


Nathan is near Salisbury, which is located to the east of Brisbane’s Central Business District. Griffith University’s foundation campus is located in this suburb. Toohey Forest Conservation Park is also located here. The main offices of Queensland Sports and Athletics Center are here.

The median house price in Nathan is $487,265. It is the furthest suburb away from the Central Business District in Brisbane compared to others that include Keperra, Salisbury, Tingalpa and Rocklea.

A big portion of the suburb is a part of the Toohey Forest Conversation Park, thus making it sparsely populated. It is not strange to find only 10 properties selling within the suburb in a 12-month period. In suburbs such as Tingalpa, more than 129 properties sell in the same period.

Brisbane has other suburbs where you can find affordable residential houses to buy. In some of these suburbs, the median price of houses is between $347,000 and $351,000. The other suburbs that you need to consider when looking for houses to buy in Brisbane include the following:

  • Holland Park West
  • Gordon Park
  • Kedron
  • Moorooka

One of the major concerns regarding the market for inner-city apartments is that it could falter in the coming years. Newly built apartments have increased in number within the Central Business District, West End and South Brisbane.

When choosing the location of the house to buy, consider suburbs that have good schools. Next, choose a house in a neighborhood with excellent transport. The accessibility of the suburb to the Central Business District is worth evaluating before settling on the house that pleases you.

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The Top Apartment Living Suburbs In Brisbane

Brisbane is not only the capital city, but also the most populous in Queensland. In addition to this, the city is the third most populous in Australia. A population of around 2.3 million is found in the city’s metropolitan area. On the other hand, a population of over 3.4 million is found at the urban conurbation of South East Queensland. The city has a thriving property market, which includes some top apartment found in the suburbs.

The city is one of the oldest in Australia, but this does not make its apartments and suburbs any less livable. The architecture is distinctly Queenslander in every way. It is hard to find something to hate or distasteful about Brisbane. However, the city contains some suburbs that are popular for a variety of reasons. The suburbs are the best places to live in not only because they are full of good vibes, but also shine much brighter.

Some of the top suburbs in the city include:


Paddington features leafy hills, which have made the suburb popular with residents of Brisbane over the years. It is an inner suburb within the city. The steep ridges as well as the hills around the suburb make it attractive to residents. The suburb has a rich collection of original as well as distinctive Queenslander homes. Recently, the suburb has become a highly desirable location for buying residential property. The median price of a house has risen to around $1 million.

The suburb has a rich collection of:

  • Boutique shops
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants

Architectural masterpieces are all over this suburb. The optimal use of tiny spaces in the suburb has helped make it great for heritage apartments. However, people with a deep longing for modern and contemporary apartments will find plenty of these in the suburb. Moreover, the suburb is only 5km away from the Central Business District of Brisbane, but you would not know this with the heavy presence of greenery in the area.

New Farm and Teneriffe

The suburb is one of the most livable in Brisbane for a variety of reasons. First, it encourages an outdoor lifestyle. The trees-lined streets in addition to the unique spaces that include Brisbane Powerhouse are some of the features that encourage an outdoor lifestyle in this suburb. The New Farm Park is the heart of the suburb that attracts numerous visitors from Brisbane and outside the city.

On the other hand, Teneriffe is full of the following:

  • Apartments
  • Trendy restaurants
  • Stylish cafes
  • Hip boutiques

The suburbs provide the riverside oases that you need when in search of an inventive urban living experiences. Art galleries are all over the place, thus making the suburb great for working on your creative juices. The high capacity apartments and houses in the suburbs do not mean that you will struggle to breathe. Take some time off to go on a picnic with loved ones or friends for a chance to catch your breath.

West End

The quirky and local characteristics that define West End as a rich collection of different cultures is what has made this suburb one of the most in-demand in Brisbane. The suburb is right for you in case your choices include places with hippy vibes. Not only is the suburb laid back, but the overabundance of neighborly love might just mean that you end up living here permanently and not relocating.

The suburb is great for somebody who desires to feel not only earthy, but also enjoy all that the inner city has to provide. If you live in any of the apartments here, a trip to the local West End markets will provide everything that you need from fruits, veggies, live entertainment to clothing and trinkets. Visit the Boundary Street Markets between Friday-Sunday if you are a lover of the local food, produce, craft and art.


The suburb has an eclectic charm. The suburb comprises Samford Valley and Samford Village. Formerly, the suburb was in a region that the local indigenous people called Kupidabin, which is an Aboriginal word that means place of possums. The suburb is accessible from Brisbane via the Samford State Forest. From Ferny Grove, the suburb is a mere 10-minute drive away. The suburb has a mix of the following:

  • Historical buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Equipment hire businesses
  • Hardware stores
  • Produce stores
  • Banking institutions
  • Medical institutions, chiropractic centers, fitness centers

The suburb has facilities for different sporting events that include football, swimming, cricket, tennis, horse riding, soccer, netball and lawn bowls. Samford Valley Steiner School and Samford State School are the two primary schools where your children can receive their education. The sub-tropical climate that consists of mild, dry and sunny winters as well as hot and humid summers makes the suburb a truly livable place in Brisbane.


The factor that makes Sunnybank one of the best livable suburbs in Brisbane is the cheap rent. Here, you will find great apartments at affordable rates. The abundant food is another reason that should convince you to live here. At Market Square, you will find all the Asian cuisine that you require at affordable rates. The Market Square provides a window into a wonderful cultural experience that you can ever hope to find in Brisbane.

Sunnybank is the suburb of choice if you value a place where food is in great supply. However, other suburbs that are worth considering for a truly memorable livable experience in Brisbane include the following:

  • Hamilton
  • Northgate
  • Coorparoo
  • Cannon Hill
  • Red Hill
  • Ashgrove
  • Morning Side
  • Bulimba
  • Holland Park
  • Chandler
  • Tennyson
  • Manly West
  • Nundah

The suburbs are not only trendy, but also possess everything that you need for a wonderful living experience. Moreover, the apartments are in great demand in these suburbs. For this reason, do not be shocked to find the apartments selling for more than their asking price. According to Real Estate Institute of Queensland or REIQ, sale of residential property in Brisbane is the highest it has ever been.

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Brisbane’s Top Sporting Events

Brisbane plays host to several sporting events in the course of the year. In the city, sports form a significant aspect of the lifestyle of visitors and residents alike. Some of the sporting events that are prevalent in the city range from the following:

  • International events, which are occasional
  • Annual competitions
  • Competitive leagues
  • Individual recreational activities

The city is home to some famous sporting teams that compete with others at the national level and these include Brisbane Bullets, Brisbane Broncos and Brisbane Lions. The Brisbane City Council enables the events to take place by providing various sporting facilities.

Some of the sporting facilities include 20 swimming pools open to the public all over the city. If you love biking, choose from several kilometers of bikeways in the city. The two biggest sports venues in the city are Brisbane Cricket Ground (The Gabba) and Suncorp Stadium.

The most popular and loved spectator sport in Brisbane is rugby league. Other popular sports with spectators in the city include rugby union, Australian Rules football, football or soccer and cricket. Recently, martial arts have been growing in popularity across the city.

Brisbane has several teams that take part in national competitions in different sporting events. For example, the local team that takes part in baseball under the Australian Baseball League, which is the national competition, is Brisbane Bandits.

The teams that take part in Australian Hockey League yet located in Brisbane include Queensland Blades and Queensland Scorchers. As for cricket, the local teams that compete with others nationally include Queensland Bulls, Brisbane Heat and Queensland Fire.

The most famous sporting venues in the city are;

  1. Suncorp Stadium
  2. Brisbane Cricket Ground or The Gabba
  3. QSAC, which refers to Queensland Sport and Athletics Center
  4. Brisbane Exhibition Ground
  5. Ballymore
  6. Perry Park
  7. Langlands Park
  8. Lakeside Part
  9. Queensland Tennis Center
  10. Victoria Park

In the past, Brisbane has played host to some of the top sporting events globally. For example, it hosted the 1982 Commonwealth Games while in 1987 the city was chosen to host as the venue for the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships.

In 1992, Brisbane was the host of 3 matches of the Cricket World Cup. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the city was chosen to host the football matches. The Goodwill Games of 2001 were held within the city.

Similarly, during the Rugby World Cup of 2003, Brisbane hosted several matches, which included one of the quarter finals. The city opened its gates to host the Indoor Cricket World Cup, which took place in 2009 and saw Australian teams emerging victorious in all divisions.

Currently, an annual Test Cricket match takes place at Brisbane Cricket Ground. The first test match on the ground was between Australia and South Africa, which took place from November 27 to December 3, 1931.

Over the years, Brisbane Cricket Ground has been used to host several sporting events apart from Test Cricket matches. In addition to cricket matches, other sporting events that have taken place at The Gabba include the following:

  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Baseball
  • Concerts
  • Cycling
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Football/Soccer
  • Pony
  • Greyhound Races

Rugby League State of Origin is a football series that takes place at the Suncorp Stadium each year. The series involves two representative sides, which are Queensland “The Maroons” and “The Blues” from New South Wales, who compete in a best-of-three series to find the winner.

Fun runs and walks are popular in the city as well. For example, St. Paul’s school in Brisbane will host The Holt Bolt Race 1, which is due to start on February 21, 2016. Cycle of Giving is a cycling event that will be held in Brisbane to raise funds for Prince Charles Hospital.

The Channel Seven Brisbane Racing Carnival will take place at the Doomben Racecourse in the city from May 7, 2016. In addition to these, other sporting events that you can watch at different venues while in Brisbane include the following:

  • Australian Baseball League, which accords you the chance to support Brisbane Bandits as they compete with other teams at the Holloway Field
  • National Basketball League, which provides the opportunity to support Brisbane Bullets as they compete with other basketball teams at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Australian National Water Polo League, which takes place at Musgrave Park Swimming Center and provides the opportunity to support Brisbane Barracudas in water polo
  • National Rugby League, which involves going to Suncorp Stadium for a chance to cheer Brisbane Broncos while they compete with other rugby league sides
  • Australian Football League, which is the main competition for teams such as Brisbane Lions to compete with others and emerge the best in Australian Rules Football playing at The Gabba
  • Australian Hockey League, which allows you to extend your support to either Queensland Scorchers or Queensland Blades when the sides play at Queensland State Hockey Center
  • Big Bash League, which is a national competition for cricket teams such as Brisbane Heat that plays at The Gabba
  • Women’s National Cricket League, which involves local teams such as Queensland Fire that plays their matches against other cricket teams at the Allan Border Field
  • Commonwealth Bank Trophy, which is a national netball competition that involves teams such as Queensland Firebrands that plays at the Chandler Arena
  • Super Rugby, which is the main competition for teams such as Queensland Reds that play at the Suncorp Stadium while competing with other teams to be the best in rugby union
  • International V8 Supercars Championship, which takes place at the Queensland Raceway and involves teams such as Triple Eight Race Engineering that want to be the best in motorsport

The indisputable fact is that Brisbane is home to several sporting events that attract audiences from the city, Australia and other parts of the world. For this reason, visit the city and you will not regret this decision because of the numerous sporting events that will keep you busy.



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What I love About Living In Brisbane

Brisbane is a fun-filled city. Living here is an endless adventure throughout the year. In many cities, it’s impossible to find things that appeal to the local residents. For many cities, the focus is on putting up facilities that tourists find attractive while neglecting the locals.

Fortunately, this is not the situation with Brisbane. The city has much to offer to tourists and locals in equal measure. Living here is a pleasurable experience for many reasons. For example, it hosts top festivals regularly.

The city is also home to some of the top expos in Australia, offering unending opportunities to discover new things every day. It also does not disappoint in terms of entertainment.

On the other hand, living in this city is not all about having fun at the numerous facilities renowned for providing excellent entertainment. The city has much more to offer in addition to the fun. Some of the best reasons for living here include the following:


  • Excellent Weather


Brisbane has excellent weather throughout the year. The temperatures are warm enough thus making it enjoyable to either live in or visit. There is never a reason for worrying about the cold temperatures, since they are non-existent. Sunny weather is the norm.


  • Natural Scenery


Local nature and scenery is incredibly beautiful in Brisbane, just as it is the case with other locations in Australia. The luxurious sandy beach is only a few minutes away. The places worth visiting to enjoy natural scenery are Lone Koala Sanctuary and South Bank Parklands.


  • Infrastructure


Since the growth spurt that made Brisbane what it is today took place post-1988, the engineers, planners and architects had all the time to learn from the mistakes of other cities where infrastructure is concerned. The well-developed infrastructure makes living here worthwhile.

The growing number of residents in the city has not interfered with mobility and movement from one part of Brisbane to the next. Transport across the city and to other parts of the country is available through taxies, ferries and buses. The city is 45-minutes away from Gold Coast by car.


  • Spellbinding Atmosphere


The outdoor lifestyle at Brisbane is relaxing. A taste of such an atmosphere makes it impossible to leave or abandon the city and move elsewhere. The atmosphere makes the city a welcome addiction that proves impossible to let go off or relocate to a different part of Australia.

The large presence of immigrants among the locals has helped to create a friendlier populace. The city has a great atmosphere for relaxation or leading excellent lives. The friendly population makes it hard to leave the city for any other place.


  • Limitless Education Opportunities


The city is home to some of the best education facilities in the country. Great schools are in abundance here. Tuition is affordable. It’s for this reason that Brisbane is one of the best cities in the country in which to raise children, since they’re guaranteed excellent education.

Students attend the local schools and colleges here from all over the world. The presence of teens from all over the world has enhanced the cheerful atmosphere and happy disposition for which the city is renowned. It’s no wonder that the city is ranked one of the hippest in the country.


  • Great Job Opportunities


The city is not only one of the fastest growing, but also the most prosperous in Australia. This has made it possible for the establishment of more businesses. The result of this is that the employment opportunities are limitless.

In fact, the city has an unemployment rate of around 4.9 percent, thus making it better than Sydney and Melbourne. Investors find the city attractive, thus creating limitless opportunities for employment. It’s difficult to go without work in this city.


  • Low Cost of Living


The city has a low cost of living. This makes it much easier to afford the many opportunities that the city has to offer. Entertainment is not a costly proposition like it is in other parts of the country. It is no surprise that the city is attractive to expats from New Zealand, the UK and US.

The economy of the city has not stopped flourishing. The outlook regarding future growth is good thus eliminating the worries regarding the change in situation any time soon. Opportunities for employment will continue growing and emerging for many years to come within the city.


  • Fascinating Entertainment Opportunities


Brisbane is not short of the best entertainment to provide. It has different entertainment opportunities based on the tastes and preferences of local residents as well as tourists. Clubs, shows, restaurants, festivals, concerts and galleries are worth visiting for entertainment.


  • Beautiful Architecture in the Inner City


With a rich collection of new buildings and old Queenslanders, the city has an amazing inner city that remains attractive for the incredible beauty. The city has a rich mix of renovated and restored buildings. Some of the best suburbs are Fortitude Valley and Newstead among others.


  • Undulating Streets


The streets of Brisbane run down, up, uphill, under, down-dale and all over the place but in an organized manner. The undulating nature of the streets is a great feature considering the help they provide in enjoying the amazing views that Brisbane has to offer.


  • Brisbane River


Walking along the riverbank of Brisbane River on a sunny day is one of the most pleasure-filled experiences ever. A walk along the riverbank does not require wearing jumpers. Neon-clad runners enhance the view in the company of their dogs of all shapes and sizes.

  • Boutique Shopping and Café Culture


Brisbane is known for a thriving café culture. The city is home to multiple cafes. In addition, to the cafes, the city has a fair number of boutiques to satisfy the urge for shopping for new clothes. The cafes cater for the needs of the coffee connoisseur.

For the above reasons and more, it’s clear that Brisbane is a truly captivating city. After all, the city was recently ranked among the top 20 livable cities in the world. It is difficult to abandon the city for whatever reason.

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According to a research done by World Bank Group, Australia is the seventh-easiest country in the world to start a business, and this fact certainly has to mean something. If you are interested in starting a business in The Land Down Under, or specifically in Brisbane, your need to know how open this country is for new investments and how easy it is to actually start your business project here. Many large companies have branches and offices in this area, and Brisbane attracts more and more of them due to its excellent strategic position and several other notable features.

39243028Brisbane is a city located on the eastern coast of Australia, and it is the capital of the state of Queensland. Nicknames like “New World City” and “Sunshine City” are perhaps the best illustration of the nature of this place, since Brisbane is very exciting multicultural hub, with a beautiful weather trough most of the year. This linguistically diverse place is the third-largest city in Australia, after Melbourne and Sydney, and it is estimated that it currently has around 2.2 million people. However, strong rise in population numbers are expected to continue and Brisbane City Council predicts that population will reach 3.18 million by 2031. People in Brisbane are very friendly, open for communication and easy going, and this perhaps comes from the fact that this location has more sunny days than any other Australian city.

According to Monocle Magazine index, Brisbane was declared as the 25th most livable city in the world, and this is just one of many confirmations of the quality of life in this vibrant place. Brisbane was also the host of G20 Leaders Summit in 2014, which is another indication of the importance of this city. Its location, which allows quick access to Asia and Pacific, is a true blessing, since connections between Australia and Asia Pacific region are constantly growing and ports and airports in Brisbane are taking the full advantage of this opportunity.

Several other factors are important when starting a business in Brisbane, and they are mostly concerned with low cost of living and stable political situation. Accommodation is very affordable in Brisbane, even in the spacious inner city, and this means that office space can be rented very easily and for reasonable prices as well.

Also, stable political situation allows the authorities to invest in long-term projects and infrastructure, and this makes Brisbane very attractive to investors. Strong economy and constant growth are also important in this equation, with the fact that unemployment is very low in this area, and it is somewhere around 4.9% according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Brisbane is a very progressive city, which is accompanied with a lot of unique scenery and interesting architecture to make for a thriving and exciting location where people enjoy and live their lives peacefully and in a pleasant environment. Aside from natural wonders and beautiful parks, Brisbane is very attractive for business people and they can start their projects very easily in this place.

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Tourist attractions of Brisbane

World is a huge place. One can only hope to achieve a carefully laid out plan of tourist adventures since there are so many beautiful places to visit. If your goal is to visit each continent during your lifetime, maybe while visiting Australia, you may want to visit Brisbane. Brisbane is a third largest city in Australia and it lies on the river Brisbane. It’s popularity started rising after the Commonwealth games it hosted and world expo during the 1990’s. It’s architecture is a mix of historic buildings as well as modern ones. The climate is mild subtropical and the culture you will find will surely be sophisticated and relaxed. But enough introduction, let’s go onto the part why you’re reading this article.
So, which tourist attractions does this city hold?
First of all, one unique animal everybody hopes to see while visiting Australia – Koalas.
koala-5There is a lone pine Koala sanctuary in Brisbane. This is a largest Koala sanctuary in the world and you will surely be amazed after visiting this place if you are, of course, a fan of Koalas. Besides Koalas, a Brisbane river is a sanctuary to most of the native Australian animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world, such as Tasmanian Devils, some rare snakes, Kangaroos, Dingoes and more. A visit to this magnificent place can get you a photograph of you holding a snake or a baby crocodile, and everyone’s favorite – cuddling with a Koala.

The next thing you may want to visit is a cultural centre of Brisbane. Cultural centre lies on the banks of river Brisbane, and if you’re fascinated by different cultures, you will be able to experience Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Theater company and also Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Besides culture and animals, for plant lovers there is this amazing Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Garden. This place is located seven kilometers away from Brisbane and it’s one of the favorite places of tourists but even amongst the locals. This place has fifty-two hectares of horticulture to offer. Amidst these 52 hectares of horticulture you will be take through a lot of differently themed gardens. This place is housing a largest collection of rainforest trees ( Australian ), and besides these, there are also fragrant plants like bamboo, cactus, indigenous plants, wetland plants, bonsai and ferns.
The next thing Brisbane has to offer is a South Bank.
This is an original place where World Expo was held in 1988, it’s filled with plazas, parklands and promenades. There is also a human made lagoon which is a very popular choice for a swim during a warm Brisbane day. Besides all of that, in 2009, for a celebration of 150th anniversary, a giant Ferris wheel was opened. It allows an hour long ride with a magnificent view of the city. If you haven’t planned on visiting Brisbane, we hope we changed your mind with this little article. Have fun on your holiday.

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Experience Brisbane for free

Many will say that free things are always welcomed and Brisbane has lot of things to offer in its beautiful backyard. Besides New York City, Brisbane is one of the largest cities in the world that can offer large varieties of welcoming greets and you won’t have to spend not even one cent, while you are experience it. Greeters will help you discover Brisbane and what he has to offer, you will recognize them by their bright red outfits.
If you enjoy outdoor activity, then the Wynnum Wading Pool is the right place for you. It was built during the 1930s and it will provide you relaxation for you and for your family. This pool is filled with sea water when the high tide comes and its only thigh deep. You will have a unique experience to see whales and nearby playground will be perfect for your children.
nf-park.jpjIf you decide to go on a family picnic, you must visit New Farm Park, it will give you peaceful surroundings and necessary shade during the day. After lunch you can visit Brisbane Powerhouse, which will provide you live music and shows and on the weekends you can visit farmer’s market or just enjoy in the spectacular Brisbane sky full of stars.
For those who love nature and spending a time on clean and fresh air should head to Logan’s Daisy Hill Forest. Here you can have great time with your family and friends, enjoying in outdoor activity of just fire a barbecue, lay back and enjoy in good food. Make sure to visit on of the largest reservation of koala in the world. Koala Center will provide you unique experience to get in touch with this outstanding animals.

While you are in this area, you should visit Logan’s Berrinba Wetlands and enjoy in 8km of walking trail, that has five bridges and beautiful center. Or if you love kangaroo, another symbol of Australia, you should visit Mt Cotton Park, famous kangaroo spotting.

BRISBANE-300x168On the other hand, if you love good historical spots and the palaces that can tell you the story about past times, you can visit Moreton Bay Regions museums, you will find here first settlement status and the life of early explorers. The Abbey Museum of Art and Archeology possess a unique collection of antiquities from whole world and the Bribe Island Seaside Museum is showcasing the vibrant past of the characters, such as artist Ian Fairweather.
If you are adrenaline junkie, then the Scenic Rim is the right choice for you. Ride on the Spring Bluff Drive, where you will experience notoriously steep tracks of Main Range.

For those who want to spend relaxing day full of varieties, should go to the Ipswich’s Top of Town. This was once home to many carriage workers, boot markets, saddlers, jewelers and bakers. The fascinating fact is that many buildings preserved their original look. Now days you can find here eclectic mix of bars, retails, art spaces and antiques.

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